Flowers and Their Meanings

Flowers are an endlessly rewarding emotional addition to any space and occasion. From birthdays to interior design, decorations to weddings; flowers are the perfect way to celebrate life and all its joys. 

Whilst roses have long been associated with the world of romance, their meaning is complex, with each colour brings a different meaning. The principle rings true for all flowers including tulips, carnations and lilies. 

I, for one, are fascinated by the quiet communication that the flowers convey. That’s why we’re exploring the deeper meaning behind these incredible gifts from nature and what each colour of flower to represent.  Believe me, you wouldn’t want to send the wrong signal.


Ah, the wonderful rose. It is a timeless symbol of love and has gained much of its popularity thanks to Valentine’s day when this beautiful flower is gifted to romantic partners, friends or simply as a kind gesture.

Whilst red roses are the classic choice to symbolise strong emotions of love, desire, admiration and devotion. The rose also comes in an incredible variety of colours including white, pink, lavender, yellow, green and cream

White roses reflect purity and innocence, which often associated with a new start and a popular choice for weddings. 

Pink roses symbolise elegance and grace. Lavender roses due to their uniqueness, are used on a special occasion in expressing love and hope for a relationship to grow stronger. 

Yellow roses – thanks to their bright colour used to convey joy, happiness and cheerfulness. They’re a great choice when it comes to honouring a beautiful friendship. 

Green roses are especially energetic and symbolize life. They are ideal to be sent to celebrate rejuvenation, peace and tranquillity. 

Last but not least, cream roses are sophisticatedly simple and used to let someone know that ‘you are always in my thoughts.’ 


Tulips – they are just simply divine. Tulips often become a popular choice for gifts and special days. Their vivid and strong colours allow them to provoke strong emotions and happiness in recipients. Representing warmth, love and new beginnings, tulips have been celebrated for centuries thanks to their beautiful look.

Whilst red tulips symbolize love and passion, white tulips suggest forgiveness, remembrance, worthiness and sincerity. 

Pink tulips symbolize good wishes, friendship, confidence and joyful occasions. Lavender tulips reflect nobility, royalty, rebirth and the season of Spring. 

Yellow tulips embody sunshine, hope and cheerful thoughts while blue tulips reflect tranquillity, trust and respect. Black tulips mark power, strength and supreme elegance and finally, orange tulips symbolize understanding and appreciation. 


Carnations are widely loved due to their fabulous colours. Carnations symbolize love, fascination, distinction and energy. A popular choice for Mother’s Day, pink carnations are the perfect gift for this special occasion.

Yellow carnations mark disappointment or rejection. Red carnations symbolize deep love and admiration while white carnations reflect pure love and good luck. The purple carnations symbolize capriciousness. 


Lilies are elegant and sophisticated flowers. They symbolize femininity, love, purity and life. Lilies are a good choice for anyone looking for simplicity yet remain elegance. I remember going to this wedding full of lilies decoration and they were just beautiful.

Whilst the white lily embodies innocence and purity, the pink lily reflects energy and friendship.

Tropical Flowers  

Depending on the region, the meaning of tropical flowers varies. However, there are some generally accepted meanings underpinning some of the most popular tropical flowers.

The Birds of Paradise marks vitality, energy and life while Kangaroo Paw reflects earthy values and stability. 

Orchids represent luxury and rare beauty and it’s unsurprising that these flowers are considered some of the most amazing treasure of nature on earth. 

The Verdict

Nature never fails to amaze us with its endless beauty. Flowers are an incredible way that people can use to share emotions, lift a person’s day, mark a special occasion, or simply add some light to your life. 

No matter what your favourite type is, each flower and colour has its very own meaning. Understanding these meanings can help you decide what flower is best for what occasion. 

Number of Roses and Its’ Meaning

Single rose: You are the one for me
Two roses: I am deeply in love with you
Three roses: I love you
Four roses: Nothing can do us apart
Five roses: I love you very much
Six roses: I want to be yours
Seven roses: I am in love with you
Eight roses: I am grateful for your caring and support
Nine roses: Love you eternally
Ten roses: You are perfect
11 roses: You are my treasured one
12 roses: Be mine
13 roses: Friends forever
14 roses: I am proud of you
15 roses: I am sorry. Forgive me
16 roses: Have a safe journey. Bon voyage!
17 roses: You are my wife
18 roses: Stay beautiful
19 roses: Love you forever, I will wait for you
20 roses: My heart is sincere towards you
22 roses: Best of luck
24 roses: Stand for 24 hours a day and you always on my mind every hour of the day
27 roses: I love you, my wife
33 roses: I love you affectionally
36 roses: I will remember our romantic moments
44 roses: Till death do us apart
66 roses: Nothing will change my love to you
77 roses: Faith has brought me towards you
88 roses: I am sorry from the bottom of my heart
99 roses: I will love you until the day I die
100 roses: I devoted my life to you
101 roses: You are my one and only
108 roses: Will you marry me?
111 roses: My eternal love
365 roses: I love you every single day
999 roses: My love will last till the end of time

Making the Flowers Work for Your Occasions


Spark your relationship by giving your sweetheart a good surprise. Celebrate and wish another good year for your relationship to grow stronger. A good touch for anniversary flower is by arranging a number of red roses just to say ‘I love you’ and add a few numbers of flowers that fit in with your partner’s personalities. 


You can put a smile on someone when sending them a bouquet of their favourite flowers during their birthday.

Father’s Day

Tropical flowers are good choices for Father’s Day flower bouquet since they look sturdy and long-lasting.

Grand Opening

Sending flowers is a popular way to alleviate special occasion. You can send flower stands to the business owners to congratulate the start of a prosperous business opening. A jumbo bouquet with bright flowers like yellow sunflower is perfect in wishing their new business venture a good success.


Honour your loved one’s great achievement with a perfect graduation gift. Let them know how proud you are by sending them a bouquet a flower specially made up of carnations, daisies and lilies.

Just Because

Cheer up someone’s day just because he or she is always in your mind. Never stop impressing your loved ones by arranging flowers of his or her favourites and this will brighten your lover’s day.

Mother’s Day

A strongly scented flower bouquet will definitely melt your mother’s heart. Arrange a few numbers of carnations and lilies to give to your parent.

Sympathy & Funeral

White flowers like white roses, white carnations, white daisies, white tulips or gladiolas are good choices of showing your sympathy to your recipient.

Valentine’s Day

Brighten your sweetheart’s day by celebrating Valentine together with a bouquet of red roses. Red rose is a traditional flower for Valentine’s Day.


Depending on the seasons, seasonal flowers are the best option for the wedding. This may sound less romantic, but having flowers that are not in their season may cost you heaps.  

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