Peer Review

Peer Review

Sarini Azizan (Commerce/Social Science)

Sarini Azizan is a Ph.D. student of Accounting in Australian National University, Australia.  Prior to her PhD studies, she has worked on different roles with one of the big four audit firms and two other multinational corporations in Malaysia. She also has near 13 years of experience in education and currently, she serves as an accounting lecturer in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang, Malaysia.

Maximilian Conrad (Commerce/Economics)

Maximilian Conrad received his Master Degree in Mathematical Science, and Bachelor of Degree in Economics with the Australian National University. Prior to that, he obtained a Bachelor Degree of Art from University of Melbourne. Max had worked as a Business Consultant with KPMG Australia and now, he works as Analyst with the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Najjib Aziz (Science/Zoology)

Najjib Aziz is currently work as a Tech Consultant in Australia, but also has higher degree in zoology (animal studies) from University of Tasmania. Professionally, he is trained in data management and statistical analysis, but as an endless learner, he has done a diverse range of vocation not limited to military medicine, paramedic, food and beverages business and education.

Dr. Azizi Azizan (Medical/Health)

Dr. Azizi Azizan is an advanced trainee of CICM and ICU Senior Registrar with Liverpool Hospital, Australia.

Dr. Nor Haliza Mat Baharin (Medicine/Dentistry)

Dr. Nor Haliza Mat Baharin works as a Periodontist and Clinical Lecturer in Periodontology for the Faculty of Dentistry in Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia.

NurHannah Azman (Proof Reader)

NurHannah Azman is taking a double degree in Sport Science and Psychology at University of Canberra, Australia. Hannah has high proficiency in English attributed to her international education background. She has been living in Dubai for the last 10 years, in which she took GCSE English Language at Jumeirah (International College). She also took English Literature and completed the TOEFL test.