Winter in Dubai: What to do?

It is no secret that Dubai is a hot country. With temperature averaging in the 30 to 40s (°C) all year round, the summer months of June to September can spike up to high 40s or low 50s (°C). It is because of such blazing, dry weather that makes its winter months the most ideal time to visit. Dubai stays at a lovely mid-20s (°C) condition in the months of November to February which makes it the most ideal season for a special range of activities.

Big Bus Dubai 

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A popular tourist way to begin exploring the many parts of Dubai would be to attend one of the bus tours. Big Bus features double-decker buses and implements a Hop-on, hop-off system to maximise the Dubai experience. Each route is tailored for specific interests which makes a variety of tours available for the public to choose from depending on their individual preference. From the Burj Khalifa to the spice markets, Big Bus makes sure to include many iconic stops for its travellers. The fact that weather is pleasant during the cooler months make the open-roofed double-decker bus a treat, rather than a punishment.

Ski Dubai 

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To expect to see snow in a country known for its heat is absurd. Yet, Dubai manages to provide it – albeit artificially! There is no need to wait for a snowy winter, nor the need to fly abroad, since Ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates is an indoor ski resort operating all-year round. This winter wonderland has 22,500 square meters of ski area, play areas and ice mazes for the little ones to explore, and penguins. Live penguins. Ski Dubai is home to its own colony of King and Gentoo penguins who have become family to the instructors and are always happy to meet visitors. Though it is open all year, many enjoy getting into the white winter mood in the November and December months.

Winter markets and sales


Dubai is notorious for being a shopper’s paradise. This only intensifies with the winter sales and hand-made markets around the malls throughout the time period. The end of December and the month January hosts the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) [] where quality shopping can be done at discounted prices (as much as 75% off). A huge turn-out follows 12-hour kick-off sales and it is also advised to be on alert for news of surprise sales throughout DSF. The shopping opportunities include top clothing brands, home ware, and beauty products – however, DSF does not stop there. Fireworks are usually presented for the New Year celebration and numerous entertainment shows can be watched in malls.

Dubai Parks and Resorts 


Five places of fun and adventure make up the region’s largest integrated theme park destination that has something for everyone in the family. One can only fully enjoy the fresh air and travel across different attractions when the weather becomes cooler towards the end and early start of the year. It is a place for thrill-seekers to take on some crazy rides but also has a range of merchandise, cafes, shows, and meet-and-greets to stimulate the imaginative powers of many.

Desert trips

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The adventure streak can continue to an expedition into nature. For someone that has grown up in Dubai, cooler weather means camping or day trips to the desert since it is not as hot, and can be considered my personal favourite winter activity. Visitors from all over can enjoy a full Arabian Adventure [] through a desert safari. Usually the safari includes dune-bashing, camel-riding, and falcon-meeting in the afternoon. When the moon is up, the sky is sprinkled with bright stars and an Arabic buffet is served. To accompany the dining, there are performances of belly dancing, drumming, and other traditional Arabic entertainment.

This article suggests only five out of numerous other activities or events that can be done in Dubai over the winter months. Travel is all about exploring what the destination has to offer and taking something away from the experience when it’s time to head back. Though this article may discuss things to do on a superficial level, it is best to come and experience the weather personally.

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